About Vinturas

Vinturas was established in 2019. The innovative Vinturas solution is the first cloud-based supply chain network solution bringing private blockchain technology to the OEM industry and Logistics Service Providers. Private blockchain technology uniquely enables trading partners to connect and collaborate in a secure, private network for real-time information sharing, and storage of key milestones and documentation without losing control over their data. Developed in collaboration with IBM, the Vinturas blockchain solution is the only technology of its kind available to the OEM and logistics industry.

Vinturas blockchain solution simply explained

Logistics Service Providers




The functionality is transaction and event driven, integrated with document sharing and audit trails. It provides a solution for safe sharing of logistics and technical data within the global Finished Vehicle eco system, providing real time end to end supply chain visibility for all OEM’s, Ro/Ro lines, Logistics Service Providers, Terminals, Fleet Owners, Omni Channel, etc.

The global Finished Vehicle Industry can now enter a new era that will deliver significant value, with the opportunity to anticipate on new customer demand and related OMNI business channels.

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