Create value for youself and your e-Commerce customers

By using the Vinturas interoperable network solution, you will be able to see your pick up, inventory and delivery of new and pre owned vehicles in one overview.

e-Commerce experience

Having this real time visibility and data available, you can actively manage your trading partners, their performance and most importantly, achieve break through improvement in the lead time of your logistics processes.

The Vinturas interoperable network solution keeps records of the journey through the end-to-end supply chain. Due to the nature of blockchain technology, this data will be immutable, and can therefore be the basis for rapid, digital import and export processes, further improving your lead time in international sales processes.

Your customer will have a truly e-Commerce experience by having fully traceability information from order to final delivery.

Premium position

Immutable documentation support customs processes and addresses the risk of fraud, giving your company a premium position.

Digital delivery information, in which the identity and the location of the recipient of the vehicle are recorded, will provide you with end-to-end visibility of all aspects of your supply chain.

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