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PRESS RELEASE – Leek (Netherlands), November 3 2022

Vinturas extends digital network solution with private blockchain technology in the vehicle industry to other industrial markets

Vinturas recently received a multi-million dollar injection from a leading investment company in Europe. Thanks to this investment, Vinturas can continue to grow in the vehicle industry worldwide, it has the opportunity to enter new industrial markets, and it can develop additional modules.

The new shareholder offers all kinds of opportunities. Ronald Kleijwegt, CEO of Vinturas: “We have switched from the shareholder structure in the start-up phase of Vinturas to a structure with one neutral shareholder. With this financially strong party, we can grow our organization worldwide and develop products for existing and new customers.”

In its more than three-year existence, Vinturas has convinced a number of international car brands from Japan, Germany, and China of the advantages. Thanks to Vinturas, these car brands can save significant supply chain costs, while there is also more transparency because trading partners can digitally share information and data in a secure private blockchain environment.

The increasing demand for Vinturas digital network solution is driven by OEMs and major logistics service providers, which demand greater control of their end-to-end supply chain. The need for interoperability of systems and applications using private blockchain is an important reason for choosing Vinturas network solution.

About Vinturas
Vinturas was established in 2019. The innovative Vinturas solution is the first cloud-based supply chain network solution bringing private blockchain technology to the OEM industry and Logistics Service Providers. Private blockchain technology uniquely enables trading partners to connect and collaborate in a secure, private network for real-time information sharing, and storage of key milestones and documentation without losing control over their data. Developed in collaboration with IBM, the Vinturas blockchain solution is the only technology of its kind available to the OEM and logistics industry.