Our motives

Our motives





Satisfied customers, process efficiency and a sustainable world

The finished vehicle logistics industry is a niche market, with many specialized logistics service providers, many hand over points from one provider to another, executed in basically all paper-based processes. Consequently, many mistakes are made, much time is wasted and significant costs are incurred in order to manage these cumbersome processes.

Our clients and consumers in the  industry expect integrated processes, a professional “customer journey” and a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable world. Technology makes all this possible.

Trusted solution
Vinturas is building a trusted solution for new and used vehicle logistics that helps eliminate paperwork, improve visibility, reduce fraud, accelerate deliveries and cut supply chain costs.

Data sharing platform
We are developing a data sharing platform providing digital services to
all stakeholders in the automotive finished vehicle industry. We firmly believe that the future lies  in value creation through collaboration and secure data sharing. Therefore, we promise to all contributors to our platform that they will benefit from the value we collectively generate.

Blockchain technology
Based on blockchain technology, the platform will realise significant breakthroughs in customer experience, reduce operational costs and contribute to a sustainable world. Together we can fundamentally change our business processes.