Supply chain visibility and the access to digital documents

Our Solution

The Vinturas interoperable network solution strengthens your Finished Vehicle operations and lowers your cost base with true end to end visibility, exception management, and paperless processes.

Vinturas provides you with powerful infrastructure and tools for flexible collaboration with your partners, and customers. With our technology you stay in control of your own data so only you can monetize your business proposition.

Manage your business on true end-to-end visibility

Move beyond disjointed status updates and poor data quality. With the Vinturas blockchain, visibility data is shared directly from the source, made available in real time to you, your trading partners, and your customers. Unite partner services without costly integration efforts to create one stop shop offerings. Create new business models instantly.

Reduce costs

Using Vinturas, you can remove paper based processes like waybills (e.g., CMR’s), paper damage and claims handling, etc. , changing these process to fully digital in an interconnected supply chain. Avoid the costs of numerous integrations with your customers, partners, suppliers, and portals with a single interface through Vinturas.

Stay in control

Stay in control of your data, accelerate your workflow, and grow your business proposition in a secure and permissioned network. The Vinturas blockchain solution ensures that your business partners can safely share data and processes without losing control and identity.

Grow and collaborate with your trading partners securely

Strengthen your partnerships by operating your supply chain in a secure way, so you can move your supply chain forward efficiently with confidence.

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