Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology

Vinturas uses blockchain technology to enable safe data-sharing. IBM is our technology partner, who delivers a reliable and proven technology infrastructure.

Blockchain technology holds a number of unique attributes that enable collaboration and safe data sharing:

  • Immutable data.
    Data once entered into a blockchain infrastructure cannot be changed. Immutable documents make it possible to create “legal” documents and to automate transactional, paper based processes. 
  • The possibility to exchange data between contributors in the blockchain safely.
    The organisation that owns the data decides what is shared with others. The owner of the data remains the owner.
  • A distributed ledger.
    One immutable history of a VIN. One truth on what happened to a vehicle throughout the supply chain. 
    No doubt about mileage, damage and configuration control for cross-border processes.


“Blockchain technology enables safe democratic data sharing: we all benefit”