Supply chain visibility and the access to digital documents

Supply chain visibility and the access to digital documents

Creating a digital platform for major process improvement

Vinturas is developing a digital platform where all logistics and technical data of a vehicle (VIN) can be shared in a safe way. 

The platform will show:

  • The exact location of the vehicle (VIN) during its entire journey from factory to dealer.
  • The estimated arrival time of the vehicle at the dealer’s premises.
  • The actual ‘proof of delivery’ (e-CMR data) of a vehicle delivered to a dealer.
  • A fully digital document trail, capturing all information gathered during the journey of the VIN through the supply chain.

This functionality will also be available for all vehicle handling in all remarketing processes (used cars)


Real time visibility of all vehicles in Europe

This is our ambition. By bringing together, in a safe way, all relevant data from Logistics Service Providers and other contributors to the value system in our supply chain, we will create a truly integrated supply chain together. This in turn creates break-through opportunities in network optimisation, cost reduction, elimination of (paper) waste and a major improvement of customer experience.

Consumers buying a new vehicle will finally have the opportunity to understand where the vehicle is in the supply chain, and when it will arrive, creating the “customer journey” experience all Automotive brands are looking for.


“Consumers expect a professional customer journey when they buy a new car”