About Vinturas

About Vinturas


A collaboration of Finished Vehicle Suppliers

A new relationship between OEM’s, Fleet owners and Logistics Service Providers is necessary to achieve the fundamental efficiency gains that are needed in our industry.

New business models

We believe that by collaborating and collective data sharing, we can create a new, fully digital world, that will deliver significant value to the industry and create the opportunity to develop new business models. Therefore a number of Logistics Service Providers have taken the initiative to work together and create Vinturas.

We use the possibilities of technology to solve key problems and create sustainable value for all stakeholders in the industry.

The consortium consists of:


These Logistics Service Providers will share their operational data on the Vinturas platform, creating real-time supply chain visibility in many European countries, from Scandinavia to Spain and from Ireland to the Baltics.

The data will be accessible to all OEM’s, national sales organisations, dealers and fleetowners operating in the European territory.

On launching the platform, we will have more than 12 Million vehicle data available.


These are our partners: