Our Vision

Our Vision

Vinturas is an eco-system platform

We want to be the leading data sharing digital platform in our industry. We promise all contributors to our platform that they will benefit from the value that we collectively generate. Our infrastructure will contribute actively to the improvement of business processes in our economies through digitalization, a meaningful contribution to a sustainable world and the elimination of fraud. 

We provide the infrastructure in which all our partners can grow and develop their businesses. We promise that all who contribute will benefit from collaborating on the platform.

Logistics service provider

Are you a logistics service provider? By joining us, you will be able to improve the customer journey of the dealers you serve. Digitalization will bring real-time visibility to you and your customers, optimising your processes, reducing your costs and giving you the ability to differentiate the services you offer to your customers.

Software service provider

Are you an application software service provider? You can serve your LSP, OEM or Fleet owner customer by providing them with end-to-end applications from a standardised data-set.


Added value service provider

Are you an added value service provider? (e.g. damage handling, inspection processes) You can provide your customers with seamless, real-time digital information, reducing your cost structure and providing superior service to your customer base.


“A standardised data-set creates opportunities to steer the supply chain, use AI and develop new business models”